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Wi-Fi Latency requirements

Voice calls require no more than 50% of airtime (PHY) to be used ( including voice calls) on the medium. It should in basics not exceed 50%. So why is that? Because the devices that do the voice call should be on and off the medium fast. If they need to wait it may exceed the 150ms delay. 150ms which is the maximum time a voice call can be delayed before a human ear can notice a delay in speech.

With the new Ekahau analyzer update (TBA) we can see the Airtime and BSS utilization in one view.
… that’s nice to have.

Because these are very important indicators to measure latency requirements.

It’s under the network overview

I saw it still working on 54% depending on which application/codec they using for sending Real-Time Data.
So there are till a lot of factors, but in basics, this value is a good indicator to check the latency requirement to validate your voice requirements.

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