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SGT = Security Group Tag or Scalable Group Tag?

I saw often people use different terms for SGT in a Cisco environment, depending on where their start working with the technologies. Cisco is sometimes in the habit of reusing acronyms. I Don’t want to write a full blog about this but with acronyms especially with Cisco make sure all people in the conversation are on the same page on what you mean by it.

So here is the key takeaway: “its the same thing”

Now the long version, Security Group Tag was first introduced into Cisco ISE < another acronym that means Identity Service Engine.. right? This is used within the TrustSec technology. Later Cisco came with DNA Center and SD-Access. Someone in the product marketing department thought it would be better for the “S” in SGT/SGACL to mean “Scalable” as opposed to “Security”. 
Because Security Group Tags are older it is used more in documentation produced by Cisco to this day. “Security” instead of “Scalable”. We’ve spent too much talking about this already.  Let’s move on!

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