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CWAP – From the Physical to Data link layer.

I’m currently studying for my CWAP (Certified Wireless Analysis Professional exam.
so I need to write something down otherwise it will fright my mind basically.

The Mac and LLC header, inside the frame you can see both. Wireless works in the Physical and part in the data link layer ( it does the hand of their LLC and MAC). So here you see the Mac and LLC frame.

How does it work?

LLC is a kind of container where we put the MSDU in it, the MSDU unit is made up by the  LLC header field and an IP Datagram. The MSDU is received at the Mac sublayer from the LLC (Data link layer) the Mac header MSDU and FCS field inside the data unit is together called the MPDU unit at the Mac sublayer, but once passed to the PHY layer, the MPDU is called the PSDU. The PSDU and preamble + PHY header are carried into the medium by the PPDU and then its only contained ones and zeros which are demodulated into radio waves to represent them.

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