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Configure multiple BSSID

When you try to set up a second wireless network you propably gonna
run into this notification:

‘Dot11Radio0: Guest-ssid already existing on ssid STARGATE’

Of course you can set up a wireless network without guest-mode enable but keep in mind that

the access point will not include the guest SSID in its beacon. So the client have to specify a SSID in their
configuration. When you are not in a home environment it’s wise to keep your network secure,  by disabling the guest mode SSID.

For this example, we just want to have the client see 2 different SSID.
Both SSID will be on a different subnet.

Let’s say you want to have one SSID for your clients and one for your wireless IP telepones to associate with.

In this example, we continue with the previous example set.

dot11 ssid STARGATE
mbssid guest-modes
dot11 ssid IPPHONES
vlan 40
authentication open
authentication key-management wpa
mbssid guest-mode // note the mbssid in front
wpa-psk ascii 0 CISCO123
ip dhcp pool WIRELESS_PHONES
interface Dot11Radio0
no ip address
encryption vlan 40 mode ciphers tkip
mbssid // dont forget this

interface Dot11Radio0.2

description WIRELESS_VLAN_40

encapsulation dot1Q 40

ip address

ip virtual-reassembly


Router#show dot11 bssid

Interface BSSID Guest SSID

Dot11Radio0 001d.a2e7.53d0 Yes IPPHONES

Dot11Radio0 001d.a2e7.53d1 Yes STARGATE

*note that to configure multiple BSSID you must be running IOS release 12.3(4) or later

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