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Capacity problem or bad luck?

When I look at the specification room below, we see 130 people can sit in this room and 70 people during an exam. 70×2 devices (mobile phone and laptop) make 140 devices.

Let’s do a capacity calculation

But what If the 2,4Ghz was blasted away by a microwave that sitting just across the hallway of this room?

Yes, that happened it and this is how look liked.

Another problem was that client stick to the AP when they walked in, because their RSSI was still good and the most clients use the RSSI as the first green diamond to make a roam decision.

This is how students came in

What we need here is when a client STA association the first AP the AP needs to tell the client to go to the other AP. Cisco’s load-balancing feature will do so by sending code 17 back inside the association response frame, indicating that the AP is busy. The threshold can be tied to the utilization of the AP. Not all clients like this, but you can also configure it to only send it for instance 3 times and then still let the client join if he really doesn’t want to go somewhere else. Force a client to stay away is not the best practice, for instance, apple devices may blacklist the AP and never ever join the AP again.

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