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6Ghz Packet Capture with WLANPI R4

With the start of the 6Ghz deployment in enterprise I needed to be able to capture 6Ghz.
Unfortunately, my Macbook Pro M1 is not Wi-Fi6E capable. Hardware wise my Ekahau Sidekick 2 is able to but the Ekahau capture app is underdeveloped because it looks like more money spends on marketing nowadays…

What hardware do we need?

My WLANPI PRO cannot and the WiFi 6E dongles don’t support that Linux Kernel to make it work.
The M4 is in beta and the R4 is completely sold out because of a chip shortage. The AirCheck G3 is 4k so I bought WLAN Pi R4 Kit and buy a separate Pi4 B chipboard in Belgium where it was still in stock. Together with the Comfast CF-953AX, I should be able to get build a 6Ghz capture device.

The software we can install on it can be downloaded on github and the software can be copied on it manually or use a handy free tool like BelenaEtcher (nice for mac)

So finally everything arrived:

Power it on:

Nice home screen on CLI

Setup the regulatory domain:
 sudo wlanpi-reg-domain set NL
  sudo reboot now

Happy capture! I use the Airtool Pi here because I’m on my iPhone.
But if you want to use your Mac to pcap remote from your wlanpi you use the Airtool 2 on Mac to connect it with your WlanPi

Nothing there to capture because no 6Ghz in my house (yet), because I don’t have client STA that supports it already. 

Profiling a device
Thank the powers that be that profiling works as expected on this new release.
Befire I had always problems with my beacon’s discovery on my wlanpi PRO.

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